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Kierstin Gant - Health Coach


Redefine your health, redefine your future. We believe in results-driven coaching that makes a difference that’s sustainable and nourishing. Each one of our programs follows our unique F.I.T method, allowing our clients to focus on what’s important and prioritize their health and happiness. Our package options include the F.I.T 1-1, F.I.T GROUP and F.I.T DETOX. 


The F.I.T Method is a specifically designed module that encourages healthy mindsets and positive thinking around our food choices and relationship with food. The foundation of this method is based around the three core elements:


Learn how to trust your body and create the vitality you are craving in your day-to-day. You will learn how to honour your hunger cues and eat without guilt, shame, and stress. 


Engage in movement that you enjoy while creating long lasting vitality from the inside out. No more tracking calories or burning it off later to feel good. 


Receive a personal roadmap  to  help you detox factors that drain you and create a lifestyle that energizes. you. 

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Our F . I . T  Packages

F.I.T 1-1

Benefit from exclusive personal coaching that’s limited to merely 8 clients a year. This package is perfect for those who are committed to re-defining their mindset, making positive changes in their life and who are looking for a complete nutrition reset. The 1v1 package is an all-inclusive six-month program that includes: 

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls with your coach, Kierstin. 

  • Mindset coaching and support.

  • Monthly access to Justcoach App that includes Meditations, workouts, journaling prompts and many more bonus programs. 

  • Recipe resources and meal prep guidance.

  • Monthly FearNot Coaching self-care package sent to your home.


Connect with me here for more information on the dates, costs and payment options are available

Health Coaching
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F . I . T Group Coaching

The F.I.T Group coaching package offers everything you need to not only kickstart your journey towards a healthier mind, body and spirit but provides you with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to make changes that are sustainable and last. In this 12-week course, we cover a variety of topics, that all offer valuable and in-depth insights into the dangers of diet culture, intentional eating, body trust, toxic-free living and so much more. 

This package includes:

  • Weekly Live group coaching w/ Kierstin

  • Ongoing Mindset Coaching

  • Nutrition Reset

  • Private Q& A support through Voxer 1 x week.

  • F.I.T Mind-Body Workbook 

  • Resources for simple recipes 

  • Invitation to Justcoach App with Bonus Mindfulness Program and Workouts that can be done at home. 

  • Access to the private Facebook community  


Connect with me here for more on the dates and costs for this package

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F . I . T Detox

The FIT Method - Kierstin Gant

The detox package is specifically designed For clients who want to naturally reset their hunger hormones, have a boost in energy and acquire the tools to stay consistent with their health goals. You will learn how to honour your hunger cues, reset your hunger hormones, understand physical hunger vs. emotional hunger, and intuitively add in intermittent fasting. 

This package includes: 


  • 3 x live coaching calls with Kierstin  

  • Mindset and Integrative Nutrition Coaching 

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Private Q&A support through Voxer ( 1x week) 


Connect with me here for more about our Detox program


What Clients Say

Kierstin has helped me transform my overall well-being, nourishment and life! She has helped me gain energy around nutrition and how it is so much more than just about what is on my plate. Kierstin truly cares and takes a mind, body, soul approach to our sessions that always leave me feeling inspired and empowered to continue to be my best self. 

She has the most incredible resources and suggestions to live a toxin-free life. The real magic we have created was helping me discover intuitively care for myself on all levels. 

If you are looking for a personal revolution from the food on your plate and beyond she will help you understand yourself, symptoms and discover what your body is truly asking for. Our work together has been absolutely life changing and I couldn’t recommend her enough. 

~ Ashley G. , Quantum Coach

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