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The Ugly Truth

Balancing health, life, business, and everything in-between

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Wow, how does she do it all?” Meanwhile, you’re celebrating just getting through the day without having a slight breakdown. I know, because I’ve been there.

Ten years ago, on the outside, I seemed to have it all together. I checked off all the boxes required to live a successful life, I was a new mom, queen of multi-tasking, and thrived in my routine that consisted of working 70+ hours. I convinced myself that this was the peak of how good it can get and that my panic attacks, migraines, and lack of nutrition were simply the price I had to pay to ‘have it all.

But behind the scenes, the truth was far uglier than the filtered perfection everyone saw. My body was in complete survival mode, begging for change, overwhelmed by the energy it took to hide the fact that actually, I wasn’t okay at all.

As always, I convinced myself that the best way to feel better and get my groove back was doing what I knew best - extreme level dieting and exercise. I spent decades of my life believing that if I ate the ‘right’ foods and if I lost weight, the rest of my life would fall into perfect harmony and I would be utterly and completely happy - finally. Uh, NO! It was a pattern. A neverending cycle that felt exhausting, frustrating, and never gave me the results I expected.

I tried so hard to fix myself physically, that I ignored my mental and emotional needs. Eventually, my body shut down from chronic stress and I experienced many health conditions that forced me to slow down and take a different approach to health. Your body is telling you what you need to do, we’re just not always listening.

Through my personal development journey and education in holistic health, I have found the freedom to practice self-compassion, acceptance, and the courage to make gradual changes that enable me to reach my daily health goals in a sustainable and fulfilling way.

My family keeps me grounded. My husband challenges me in the best ways and my daughter reminds me daily of who I want to be in this world. We work hard, play hard, and love even harder. On any given day you’ll find me in my favorite spots laughing with my family, snuggling with my dogs, on my yoga mat, at the beach, listening to books and podcasts, drinking coffee, and savoring dark chocolate! This is what happiness feels like.

​I’ve always been passionate about utilizing my education to support women in re-designing and re-writing the rules to healthy living. I do this through specializing in gut health, non-toxic living, and mindfulness practices that combat everyday stressors while you unapologetically put yourself back on the priority list.

We all need accountability to put ourselves first. Now, more than ever, women must find ways to expand the health of their minds and bodies. Let’s start now!

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